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Big Red Sofa: The tables are turned for me to share

I hope you guys know how much I love to share stories with you. You teach me so much when you share your stories and what God has and is continuing to teach you in the midst of them. Well, today is a day to turn the tables! My sweet friend, Cheryl Smith of Homespun Devotions, asked me recently to participate in an interview for her blog. Since Cheryl has been a great supporter of the Testimony Tuesday community, I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her. And it was such fun to think through her amazing questions! Although some of...

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Big Red Sofa: The Ministry of Presence

I traveled out of state over the weekend to share the presence of a dear friend. A friend whose father met Jesus this week. A friend who has been there for me…although no one is keeping score. The privilege of being in someone’s life is not marked by who has done what for whom. It’s not tallied on a score card as if there would be a final winner. Others also came to pay respects and comfort a family in grief. It made me think about the being there for one another…the times we call out for someone’s presence and they...

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Big Red Sofa: Weekend Confessions

Welcome to the Big Red Sofa! So glad you could join me today. They say confession is good for the soul…whoever they are. I tend to agree with them however, and so I thought this might be a good time to make a few weekend confessions. I didn’t make my bed. That picture probably had you wondering, didn’t it? The truth is there is nothing really bad about this confession except that I normally make my bed every day…almost as soon as I get out of it. But on Sunday, I decided to throw caution to the wind and...

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Big Red Sofa: Choosing to be sure

I love questions. Thus the reason I loved the above photo immediately! My favorite question is why…but I’m happy with any question. Sometimes I’m so stunned at an occurrence that I have trouble choosing which question to ask first. That might be the only time you ever see me speechless! Yesterday in the sermon, our pastor read from Hebrews, Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1 As I was reading along, I noticed some notes scribbled on the bottom of the page from some long forgotten sermon, class, or conference....

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Big Red Sofa: Doing a work

This post is publishing later than normal because the story is still being written. It’s the story of a work that God is doing. Four friends have taken time out of schedules and away from family to meet in the middle and get to know one another better and encourage each one’s individual pursuits. The heat has been oppressive. The cabin is fine but wasn’t quite what we expected. The WiFi gave up the ghost on the very first night. But don’t ever tell four determined women that you can’t make something work! A cool coffee shop with some free WiFi and...

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